Master V17

moldmak Master V17
moldmak Master V17
moldmak Master V17
moldmak Master V17

Master V17

Multifunction process machine – milling and drilling

Moldmak is a process machine that integrates a multi-capacity equipment: Milling, end-milling, drilling, tapping, deep hole drilling and CMM. Its robust design of the horizontal cutting head allows high performance milling and drilling angular operations, specially designed to make molds. In fact, MOLDMAK incorporates an additional dimensional control capability of the machining process.

Interim Dimensional Control (IDC)

With the IDC, we can define a quality control of execution throughout the process, ensuring that we only advance from one stage to another, when the part is in accordance with what is planned.

Moldmak Concept Advantages

The long experience gathered in the mold making industry and in the machine tool sector lead us to develop this horizontal milling/drilling with angular capacity machine concept. This solution has the following advantages:

  • • The rotary table allows machining all around the part with the same setup.
  • • The metallic chips produced by the machining process fall freely, preventing the new cutting of the chips generated
  • • Reduced tool wear once the tool has a front free of metal chips
  • • The angular capacity of the W axis in the vertical plane allows machining in the horizontal plane (XZ) with shorter tools
  • • The use of the angular capacity of the rotary table combined with the angular capacity of W axis, allows better accessibility to tight machining areas with short tools
  • • The heat accumulated on the chips generated by the machining process, will not be transferred to the part, allowing a better dimensional stability to the piece
  • • The chips fall down allows a good visualization of the machining process, preventing scratches and marks on the machined surface
  • • The large vertical free area over rotary table, allows the use of the technical palletizing feature
  • • The heat accumulated on the chips due to the machining process is easily removed by the ship conveyer, avoiding thermal machine deformation.

MOLDMAK is 30% faster than conventional solutions:

  • • It reduces hand overs and setup times, leaving more available time to production;
  • • It shortens execution times due to the advantages of horizontal cutting and machining head capacity;
  • • At the end of each task there is a dimensional control that assures that only the geometrically validated part advances to the next step.

Technical Sheet

Master V17 2000 3000
CNC Controller Fagor
Controlled Axis 6 6
Max. Drilling Depth 1650+650 1650+650
Free Pass GunDrill Toll 1200 1200
Spindle Type Built-in Motor Spindle Built-in Motor Spindle
Spindle Speed (rpm) 8.000/10.000/12.000/14.000 8.000/10.000
Nominal Power S1 / S3 (kW) 25 / 29 36 / 54
Spindle Torque S1 / S3 / S6 (Nm) 83,2 / 99,2 / 186 298,4 / 404 / 612
Spindle Taper ISO40 / HSK A63 ISO50 / HSK A100
axis A
axis A (tilting rotation) 30º ccw / 25º cw 30º ccw / 25º cw
Rotating Table
axis B Controlled Positions 360 000 360 000
Table Dimensions 1800 x 1800 2000 x 2000
Max. Load (kg) 20 000 20 000
Table Speed (rpm) 6,8 / 10,8 6,8 / 10,8
Blockage Hydraulic Hydraulic
Flat Running Acuracy d1000 (mm) ± 0,015 ± 0,015
Turn Running Acuracy (mm) ± 0,015 ± 0,015
axis W
axis W Travel (mm) 1650 1650
axis W Speed (m/min) 20 20
axis X
axis X Travel (mm) 2000 3000
axis X Speed (m/min) 20 20
axis Y
axis Y Travel (mm) 1200 1500
axis Y Speed (m/min) 20 20
axis Z
axis Z Travel (mm) 650 650
axis Z Speed (m/min) 20 20
Colling Oil
Pump Type Double Screw / Positive Displacement
CTS Pressure (bar) 100 100
CTS Flow (l/min) 100 100
Nozle Head Pressure (bar) BTA / STS 20* 20*
Nozzle Head Flow (l/min) BTA / STS 150* 150*
Filter Fluid Cooling System (µ) 10 10
Standard Circles
Helical Threading Standard Standard
RTCP Standard Standard
Centering Work Standard Standard
Angular Working Plans Standard Standard
Tool Inspection Standard Standard
Tool Monitoring Performance Standard Standard
Part Setup Alignment Standard Standard
Part Setup Center Wizard Standard Standard
Telediagnosis Standard Standard
ATC *up to 100 *up to 120
ATC Gundrill *up to 20 *up to 20